Earn 30,000 euros per month with YouTube

Do not you want to work to earn a living? Start your own YouTube channel. With 50,000 subscribers, you can already live.

This phenomenon is already well known in the Netherlands: many ordinary citizens make a lot of money by posting videos on YouTube about cars, their daily lives, their favorite video games, their dance, etc. The Belgians are lagging behind, a gap for the economy of our country …

Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg, the most popular YouTuber, won more than 7.6 million euros in 2014 thanks to its YouTube channel.

How can you make money with YouTube?

A YouTuber earns an average of one euro per thousand views. The basic salary for these ‘directors’ is the amount Youtube pays monthly in exchange for inserting advertisements or banners at the beginning and end of the published videos.

“In addition, they deal with brands for product insertion in their YouTube videos and go through media agencies.” Finally, YouTubers can supplement their revenue through merchandising that sells on their websites, “says Geoffrey Reemer of Tube Total in an interview for the magazine ‘Intermediair’.

Geoffrey Reemer has published videos on YouTube since 2007. In addition to his job as an entrepreneur, he advises people starting on this channel to try to reach the heights of notoriety.

YouTubers are very interesting for advertising contracts because they have a lot of fans who can raise a turnover. The most popular directors are very influential because they can easily reach an audience of young people between the ages of 13 and 19, which an advertising agency will find it harder to do.

1 euro per 1000 views

Geoffrey Reemer takes the example of the brand Doritos chips that introduced a new trend where YouTubers around the world brand a package of Doritos in their videos. The young Internet users then act exactly like them.

He explains that according to the number of views, a video can yield more than 10,000 euros. He estimates that advertisers pay about 5 cents per view for placement of one of their products. A recent video of the Dutchman Enzo Knol collected more than 430,000 views and reported 21,500 euros. “The impact is huge, the game ‘Minecraft’ was essentially a small game with no big budget, and its success is only due to YouTube.

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