Make Simple and Quick Money with Blogging – Affiliate Marketing

My name is Sukhbold. I am starting my internet marketing and affiliate marketing way from 2010. Most online money making method is blogging.

Blogging is a fairly easy way to earn money. After reading the tips in this article you should also succeed! If your website is ready, all you have to do is write articles and publish. Fortunately, that’s as easy as it sounds!

But in addition to writing articles, you want to earn money as well. For this we have put the following tips for you.

Choose a good affiliate program

The easiest way to earn money with blogging is through an affiliate program .

If you are an affiliate, you promote a product and once this product has been sold through your unique link, you will receive a commission. The system will always recognize when sales came through you, this is a security. How affiliate marketing works exactly, you’ll see in this article.

It’s important that you promote a product that is a lot to deserve, this is a high-commission product whose conversion is high.

I’ve written an article for you to explain what you need to look for when you choose an affiliate program to promote.

What is an affiliate program?

If you are an affiliate, you promote a product. Once this product has been sold through your unique link, which you can post on your blog, you will receive a commission . Simply put, you get money as an affiliate for promoting something through your blog. That “something” can be a lot of different things.

Think of services such as coaching (“How to Get Confidence”), hairdressers, a day of paintball, dating sites, webshops, or products like ebooks. So, you can choose to create a blog about a particular subject, and promote one or more ebook (s) on that topic.


How do you get paid?

There are several ways to get paid through affiliate marketing and earn money with your blog. In most cases, visitors of your blog press the link, so they buy the product from the company for which you sell. Most companies and stores offering it will pay you out per sale . So they keep track of which customers come through your blog.

This is how affiliate marketing works exactly

In nine out of ten cases it goes as follows:

  1. You choose an affiliate program and product that you want to promote (you will read more about it later)
  2. You register and you will then receive a unique (affiliate) link for that product
  3. You place the link on the website and try to make sure people click on it, for example, by blogging
  4. The person who clicks on your link will save a cookie to the computer, then the person will be redirected to the sales page
  5. Your affiliate program pays to you your commission

Most companies pay out on sale, because they are afraid that they sometimes have to pay while nothing has been sold. In our experience, you earn as a blogger the most when you are paid for sale. For example, when selling an ebook, you are often paid 50% or more commission of the total amount.

What to watch out for when choosing an affiliate program

Making money online can therefore be great with an affiliate program, especially if you do not want to lose much time. Some advantages:

  • You do not have to do customer service
  • You do not have to worry about the delivery
  • You do not have to be your competitors continuously

If you ask us a win-win situation.

But how do you choose the right affiliate program? If you want to know what the best affiliate programs are, then you’re here at the right place.